Thursday, August 11, 2016

Small Micron Drawings

The last week I decided to test my microns again. I do use them frequently in combination with watercolours and pencil-crayon works, so from time to time I like to test new methods or make improvements to my usual techniques. 

These 2 drawings are 5x7" (so, quite small actually) and are now available for purchase on Etsy. :)



Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Some sketches/wing studies for a drawing I'll be working on soon. Now if only she didn't look so creepy...

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Little Irritation

Happy Canada Day!

Thursday, June 30, 2016


My latest piece, finished at last. Quite a simplistic one in terms of colour-palette; lately I'm finding it satisfying to focus on one aspect in the composition (ornaments, hair or clothing). 

Comrades in Arms, colour-pencils & micron, 11x14", 2016

Steps towards the finish. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Under the Water

I've been drawing mermaids quite a lot lately. Prepping for a painted piece perhaps...


Friday, June 17, 2016

Hockey Season Over?

It's always the most depressing time for me...and I'm sure for many hockey fans alike. The win of a Stanley Cup means the dreaded summer break and the wait for the new season to begin. On the bright side, this time there's the World Cup of Hockey to look forward to, and in Toronto no less! ........ now if only I could afford those ticket prices...

Jonesy and Sharkie. During the Stanley Cup Finals, I have to say I enjoyed Sharkie's lit up vest/outfit quite a lot! :)


Closer look at the pen/micron details.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Colour-pencil drawings I did a little while back ~ Fae related of course :)

Originals are available at my Shop ~ HERE

Monday, February 1, 2016

Portfolio DIY

     If you want to spruce up your portfolio cases a bit, keep scrolling as I'll be sharing a little project I worked on in the morning. It's nothing big really, and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. What you'll need are some crafts for decorating; depending on what you want your portfolio-case to end up looking like. So grab anything you like or have handy (i.e decorative craft paper, adhesive paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers, etc) and of course...your portfolio-case! I'm using a basic home-made foam-core portfolio, which if you've taken any sort of art class, you'll know how to make. If not, I'll have a small tutorial at the very bottom. :)


     You can use any type of paper you want, whether it has patterns on it or is plain; I personally found 2 prints I liked in this adhesive-backed paper at a local Dollar-Store, that came in a roll. (You never know what you'll find at Dollar-Stores or your local thrift stores, so always check them out.) You should be able to find similar items at your local craft/hobby store, OR you can always apply glue or double-sided tape to any paper and use it that way.


      What I'm doing here is basically cutting the paper to fit the space I want covered on top of my Portfolio. You will obviously need 2 sheets, one for each side. Now this is totally a personal preference, but you can either choose to cover up the duct tape edges (hinges) of your portfolio, or leave the taped edges exposed and cover the rest of the surface with the paper (as shown below).

  *Quick Tip: If you're wondering what the pack of gum is for ^^ ....

Since I'm using a paper that has adhesive at the back, I have to carefully line up the paper to the edges as well as pull away the backing paper at the same time. So if you're familiar with things like laminating documents and such, you'll know that you have to get rid of air bubbles and wrinkles that appear. Usually you would use a tool for this (the name of which escapes my mind right now...), but I ended up grabbing a pack of gum which works just as well. Using small amounts of pressure, use a swiping motion across the paper to even/smoothe it out.

After you've attached the paper to both sides of the Portfolio, you could leave it at that and attach paper/binder clips to the edges to close the portfolio as you would do normally. However, I like mine to look a little more vintage/victorian, so instead of clips that will dig in to the foam-core, I used some craft ribbon to go around the portfolio and tied a nice tight bow to secure all my artwork inside.  You may want to double up on the ribbon if you're doing this for a larger portfolio. There you have it! A very quick & inexpensive way to make your Portfolio cases look nicer.


       As promised, here's how to create your own Portfolio Case out of foamcore boards. This is very easy to do; all you need is a sheet(s) of foam core board (I used the Elmer brand from my Dollar Store) and duct tape. I like to use a white foam core and duct tape, but that's totally a choice, use whatever you have.

     Before you cut anything, its important that you first figure out what size you need your case to be, as well as the height/depth of the portfolio. If you make a case with the boards too close together, your work won't fit or will get crushed inside. I suggest you take your artwork and place it in between 2 boards you've already cut to size for your work, and then measure the height you get when you have all the work inside and keep that in mind.

     What you're going to do is take your 2 foam boards, place them side by side with about a 1.5 inch gap in between (or whatever the height you measured, and kept note of). *The bigger gap you leave the larger the height of your portfolio will be, and the amount of space you'll have to put your work in.
     Next, place a strip of duct tape across the the length, making sure to cover the space you've kept but as well as leave enough to cover a bit of the edge of both boards. You can always add extra tape later to secure the first layer. Repeat this same step for the other side (what will be inside of your portfolio), and you're done! Just fold it over in half like a book, and you have your case. I hope that was easy. :)

On a side note, I would prefer to have a flat filing cabinet to store all my finished work, but if you have a VERY small studio/workspace like me, you have to work with what you have. So, these Portfolio Cases come in very handy.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


     After recovering from a miserable week of pulling my neck and back, I was finally able to sit down and do some sketches the last few days. I prefer using my Strathmore Toned Paper for more 'finished' sketches (if I can use that term); rather than using a regular sketchbook, which I usually do prelim sketches, everyday doodles, etc.